NOVENA today

We specialise in art design, planning and programming web-based applications and Internet content. NOVENA has a team of young specialists for creative production of multimedia. NOVENA has clients in the government and amongst local and international companies.

The real speciality of NOVENA in working on internet projects is its fresh, all-encompassing and creative approach to the project. This includes suggesting the probable outcome, design, the visual communication of the content, planning navigational structures and functions as well as steering the realisation of the project.

Once the project is complete, NOVENA ensures technical support to its clients - from all Internet resources on our servers, maintenance, designing and feeding data. NOVENA also finds new solutions to keep abreast of technological innovations.

In this way, the needs of our clients are met and the best solutions are suggested. Creativity, art design and programming interactive media have become the main focus of NOVENA today.

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