VRGT Makes Your Exhibition Immortal

Visit exhibitions even after they are not open any more

Use VRGT to extend the life of your exhibitions, even after final closing dates! VRGT enables visitors to explore the exhibition with an impressive, full-screen virtual walk on a guided tour, or to explore by themselves for a deeper understanding of the exhibits. VRGT, delivered on your web-site or on a DVD ROM contains all the necessary software and digital media to allow you to experience your museums, galleries and exhibitions in a new and impressive way. And it’s fun!


Why choose VRGT?

VRGT is NOVENA’s new web-based offer that can be used on any internet browser and even on mobile phones. Designed to enrich the visitor’s experience, it is a different type of virtual walk, combining an audio guide together with self-unfolding virtual panoramas that bring visitors closer to the exhibition. It also provides an abundance of information about each object on display, whether they have already visited the museum or are planning a new visit. The VRGT offers a unique and innovative way to explore a museum’s exhibitions and thereby reach an entirely new audience or target group.

VRGT is flexible and a modular application which can be assembled and customised according to your exhibition specifications.

VRGT provides an impressive and vivid virtual experience of exhibition spaces, either through your own guided tours or random browsing, short glances or detailed commentaries. It’s fun, intuitive and easy to use.

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