Administrative tools for selling tickets

Once the entrance fee is determined, VRGT’s payment module enables the museum to monitor all payments and accumulated revenues. Tickets can be issued for a certain number of entrances on the site of VRGT or be valid a certain period of time (for example: a week or one month).

In some cases, it is possible to cover maintenance expenses of a VRGT online edition from the percentage of online tickets sold.

The VRGT payment module facilitates credit card payments. It is usually inconvenient to charge small amounts by credit card. Therefore, the administrative payment module can handle a prepaid entrance card such as buying an entrance ticket with 10 or 20 credits allowing the user to spend 1 or 2 credits per exhibition and visit more VRGT events with the same card.

This will become even more attractive when there are more VRGT exhibitions on the site. In recent years, museums have been organising more and more important exhibitions. Therefore, the number of VRGT exhibitions can increase quickly. By having all exhibitions documented and offered to visitors in this way, it will mean extending the life of every exhibition after closing day.

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