Exhibition of the Croatian painter MILIVOJ UZELAC, 1897 - 1977 Retrospective held in

Art pavilion in Zagreb

27th October 2008 – 01st February 2009

Who is Milivoj Uzelac? A Croatian painter who, after 1921, spent only a short time in Zagreb and in 1923 left to settle in France for good. But in fact, his departure did not amount to a complete abandonment of his old milieu. He continued to exhibit in Zagreb as well as the whole of the ex-Yugoslavia. Milivoj Uzelac thereby affirmed his affiliation, at least in an indirect way. He also kept up his links with his homeland in other ways, such as in his abiding friendships with other local artists.


In: Croatian.
The audio guide is art historian Zvonko Maković the initiator of the exhibition.



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