VRGT integrates all media

VRGT integrates all media

VRGT is a flexible and detailed record for museum archives including full information relating to special exhibitions.

Aside from providing audio explanation while taking users through the virtual walk, VRGT can show additional details about objects when the user “passes” near them during the virtual walk. These additional details can be in almost any format (text, photo, video, VR object, URL, animation).

Additional information can be offered in high resolution images with a zoom option. They allow further exploration of surprising details. There is no technical limitation to the size or number of high resolution images.

Virtual objects are also an interesting and entertaining way of presenting certain artefacts, allowing the user to turn the object 360 degrees and zoom in at any point.

If the user wants to see these additional details, they are available at a single click. In clicking this additional information, the guided tour is temporally interrupted. After browsing through the supplementary information, the guided tour automatically continues from where it was stopped.

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