VRGT is a detailed virtual tour through a museum or gallery. VRGT guides the user through the whole museum in detail thanks to a special VRGT engine for integration of an audio guide, virtual panoramas and other multi-media techniques.

Your VRGT can be used as an exhibition archive, an interactive multimedia DVD ROM, or as an internet online edition. The automatic audio guided tour through your exhibitions uses high resolution virtual panoramas and looks like a documentary on full screen, capturing every detail.
While virtually walking through the exhibition and listening to the audio guide, the virtual visitor can take in many more layers of information than is possible during a normal visit. Even if the guide only briefly explains the room on view at the moment, the virtual visitor can click on additional information concerning objects in the virtual panorama. After examining it in detail, the user can then continue the guided tour in their own time.
The guided tour can be stopped at any time to navigate alone through the virtual panoramas of the exhibition, allowing each virtual visitor to customize their own version of the tour.

VRGT is very detailed and usually lasts as long as a real guided tour through a museum. VRGT consists of many virtual panoramas integrated with the voice of a live guide walking through the real museum. The commentary can also be supplied by professional narrators or through the audio guide.
The virtual visitor experiences an optimal virtual experience of the exhibition.

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