What is VRGT used for

There are three main areas for the use of VRGT. These are: archive, DVD/CD ROM and online presentation. All of these options mean that VRGT can prolong the life of the exhibition and make it available interactively even after it has closed. It is available regardless of opening hours and the user’s location.


VRGT at its basic level is a perfect exhibition archive record. For an archive, we do not record a guided tour but just high quality virtual panoramas in the VRGT player where it is easy to manually browse through the exhibition’s virtual presentation.



DVD versions of your exhibition can be a popular and educational addition to the museum gift shop for people who are interested in having more information about the exhibition they have just seen or more information than they were able to retain during the visit. A DVD ROM is also of even more interest to visitors who missed previous exhibitions and would like to see them “virtually” or for educational groups working on specific projects. This is why a DVD/CD ROM is a perfect souvenir for every museum shop as well as an important addition to the museum’s educational projects library.

Our DVD ROM production is carefully designed to meet the requirements of all kinds of potential users: from the interface, multimedia interactive content to attractive and creative packaging design. The DVD or CD ROM editions of VRGT are made for PC or Mac.


The full power of VRGT can be achieved using it as an online edition. All multimedia in a VRGT are optimised for online presentation including long videos and high resolution virtual panoramas.

Online edition VRGT brings new life to every exhibition! The importance of VRGT online edition is particularly evident when the exhibition has been closed but still accessible on a VRGT online edition. Presenting an exhibition in such a vivid and realistic way makes VRGT the ideal tool for online museum and gallery presentation to become available throughout the world.

If the museum charges an entrance fee, it will probably want to charge for entering the online VRGT exhibition version. This fee is usually very small, a fraction of the normal fee.

For more details see “revenue with VRGT”.

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